Little Flowers Early Childhood and Development Center, Inc.

“Educating and Enriching Children”

Inside Our Classrooms

Infants and toddlers (6 weeks to 3 years): Litttle Flowers uses the OUNCE Scale, which is an assessment tool that enables caregivers and families to monitor their child's development, and the Teaching Strategies curriculum, which is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear organizational structure and a particular focus on routines and experiences. We focus on building social/emotional skills that serve as the foundation for learning and that last a lifetime. 

Preschool-age children (3, 4, and 5 years old)

Preschool-age children use the Core Knowledge and Teaching Strategies Curriculums, both MSDE-approved and designed to develop skills and knowledge in the seven domains of learning.


In addition our center uses the Pinnacle curriculum.  The Pinnacle Curriculum is centered on monthly themes, with weekly unit themes as well.  Each month of curriculum provides five full weeks of activities in a daily format.  Moreover, it offers activities that are age appropriate as well as providing teachers with an abundance of ideas to enrich learning centers in their classroom.  The activities meet learning objectives that help children move toward their potentials as they explore the materials and activities in the classroom. We also focus on building social/emotional skills that serve as the foundation for learning in school and last a lifetime.

G.R.A.S.P. Before and After School Enrichment

Generation Recharge before and after-school enrichment program provides services for school-age children, ages 3 to 15.  G.R.A.S.P. operates early morning hours and extended evening hours so that our program provides a safe, nurturing, learning environment that focuses on education, teamwork and leadership skills.  Furthermore, G.R.A.S.P. children get the opportunity to explore Theater, Chess, Step, Boxing, Martial Arts, Music, Creative Art, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (via the use of a research-based S.T.E.M curriculum).